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Be prepared to be inspired by these amazing low manipulation hairstyles. I know that we are in the second lockdown in the UK. Some of us are working from home but many of us are still showing up to work.

From my experience during the first lockdown, I generally left my hair alone and too close to the dry side. I challenge you to get inspired by these beautiful women and experiment with your kinks and curls. 

its_jennjInstagram: its_jennj

Jenn is an amazing natural hair educator on Youtube and Instagram. She is constantly giving tips and tearing down misconceptions about 4c natural hair. We absolutely love this simply and stylish high puff with a twist! 
Effortless low manipulation style by ina90skindofworld
 Instagram: ina90skindofworld

Alana Simone is a Natural Hair Influencer, her content is mixed with comedy and hair tutorials. We love this style for its simplicity and youth. Some women complain about the fact that natural hair makes them look young or that the styles are 'childish' We say embrace it and play around with different styles! 
 Low Manipulation styles by  naptural85
Instagram : naptural85

Neat classy, gentle and low manipulation. We love Whitney White, she is the Queen of natural hair on Youtube and Instagram. She is known for keeping it super simple and providing lots of hair tips. 
Effortless Mini Twists jaelenmitchell
Instagram: jaelenmitchell

It's not a low manipulation style unless it includes some mini twists. Jaelen Mitchell focuses on kinky curly hair. She is commonly known for growing her hair to back length using wash and go's. 
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