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Shedding is of key interest because we are supposed to lose about 100 hairs a day as part of the hairs natural process. Together with kinky or curly natural hair, it can seem exacerbated. This may be because some people shed more than others.

Notably, I couldn't distinguish between breakage and shedding. I am positive that I’m not the only one. So here is a quick breakdown if you are struggling.

How To Reduce Hair Shedding on Natural Hair

What does shedding look like?

  • Shed hair should be the same length as your hair 
  • It has a white bulb at the base of the strand because it fell from your scalp 
  • The bulb colour is white because Melanie production ceases when the shed hair is about to fall. 
  • If you don't see or at least feel a white bulb then this is breakage instead

As an illustration, here is what my shedding looked like before vs now! I still have some ways to go. Generally, your shedding will appear more if you've been protective styling over a few weeks. 

Why shedding is inevitable 

It is important to understand that shedding is part of the bodies process. I can’t be manipulated by external factors like breakage. Where you can levitate it by adding protein or moisture. Your shed hair has a cycle to complete. The following factors can significantly increase shedding.

Factors that increase shedding 

  • Stress
  • Hormones/ Menopause
  • Illness
  • Pregnancy 
  • Diet 
  • Telogen Effluvium (hair loss that results in hair thinning) 

Here are some tips anyway

Less Manipulation! 

Excessive hair manipulation can increase shedding. 

I now keep my ends tucked away in a nice simple style that stops me from constantly touching my hair. I also avoid styles that require so much manipulation such as wash and go's and cornrow styles. Simply because I haven't perfected them yet and this places stress on my scalp.

Finger Detangling 

I never understood how to finger detangle for the most part of my journey. Now I start at the ends and remove any tangles with top parts of my fingers. I personally never try to actually run my hands through my fingers because it is so coarse and often dry resulting in breakage. 

I simply take a medium section of hair. I gently separate it into smaller sections whilst removing tangles.  Once I have done this, I then use my wide-tooth comb. This process removes a lot of shed hair for me. I never use brushes on my hair anymore. As I feel like I end up ripping out at of hair. 

What now?

Once you have tried the different and now understand the basics of shedding. Make sure you take comparison pictures within a similar timeline to gauge whether your shedding has reduced. Try to also note down other factors such as your diet and stress levels in that particular period. 

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