How to Really Grow Strong and Healthy Nails That Don't Break- AQ Online

Just like hair growth, growing long and healthy nails always starts with genetics. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve excellent results. Here are my tips: 

Do not bite your nails!

Biting your nails is the worst thing you can do for them. Use nice and clean sharp clippers to get the job done. I have noticed that people who regularly bite their nails tend to be weaker. 

Wearing Washing-up Gloves

I always wear gloves whilst I am washing up any dishes in the sink. I do this because my nails tend to get very brittle and weak when they have been in the water for prolonged periods.

Look after your cuticle

During the pandemic, many of us have been washing our hands like crazy! I recommend you carry a moisturiser with you, vaseline or cuticle oil to nourish your hands and nails after vigorous washing. 

Manual Labour

The easiest way to keep long nails is to prevent them from accidentally snapping off. I make sure that I am not trying to open any difficult bottles, or moving around too quickly. To prevent my nails snapping off. Which happens most for me when I am at the gym! 

Nail filing! 

Filing your nails can contribute to their growth and length retention. Nails tend to get snags in them that eventually snap the whole nail off. Using a glass filer, gently file the sides of your nails.

Nail Glue

When you notice a snag in your nail. It is a good idea to use nail glue to keep them from falling apart. These are effective if you catch the snag early. 

Cutting your cuticle!

I know a lot of ladies cut their cuticles but I leave mine alone. I simply apply some oil and gently push them back using a wooden nail tool. I let them self regulate and I believe this contributes to their strength and length.

Limit manipulation at the Salon

Getting your nails done can be so pampering. But be wary that they’re under time constraints and often use a drill to take off your existing gel/acrylic set. Excessive drilling can damage your nail bed. If you can, try to soak your nails off gently at home using a nail file. Or let your nail technician if he/she is overdoing it. 

Nail Hardener

I recently started playing around with gel and nail hardeners to prolong my nail length and keep them from easily snapping off. I have to say this has been successful. But I recently damaged my nails by overfilling the nail bed and now they’re visibly damaged. So be careful! This can work for you but don’t damage your nails in the process.

How to Really Grow Strong and Healthy Nails That Don't Break- AQ Online


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