Motivational Monday- When Your Friends & Family Don't Support You
We all have that one family member or friend that never supports us. They always seem to put us down or make us feel foolish.
No matter how exciting our idea or vision is. We can't seem to sway them, they just never believe in us. This can be such a toxic situation and can really bring us down.

When I first went to my family about starting a new business idea. Their response was lacklustre. I felt that my idea was stupid and worthless. In fact, the more I tried to convey what an exciting concept it would be the more I started losing confidence in myself.

The hard truth is that many of us suffer from low-self esteem. Which means we rely on others to validate ourselves, our ideas and dreams. When this doesn't occur it almost feels like our world is ending; especially when it is our closest loved ones.

It is important to support yourself 100%. Take action towards your dreams and don't wait for people to give you a YES or round of applause. When we believe in our selves and have no self-doubt, it sends signals for others to treat us accordingly. So if you are pursuing something and don't have outstanding support around you. Hold your head high and keep going.
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