Surprising Ways to Prevent Knots and Tangles on Curly and Coily Hair

Knots and tangles are the true enemies of length retention. They cause breakage, frustration and increase wash day 10 fold.

As our hair is naturally curly and coily it is more susceptible to single strand knots. That is why we’ve outlined some tips to help prevent the tangles and knots before they even appear.

1. Pre-Shampoo

Ever since I started pre-pooing my hair a year ago, I’ve truly never looked back. Yes, it adds an extra 30 minutes to my wash day but my hair is so much healthier now.I used to suffer from extremely matted and dry roots. Now that is a problem of the past.

Pre-pooing helps you detangle your hair and remove knots and tangles before you apply a shampoo that could be drying and make your tangles worse. We’ve all had that wash day when our hair was already tangled and then we applied shampoo which made the situation so much worse.

I love the African Pride Detangle & Condition Pre-Poo because it is so affordable and has so much slip, melting the tangles away. On really tangled hair, I leave it in my hair for 10 minutes before applying my Kazmaleje Kurlsplus Paddle Comb I then start from ends to roots gently detangling and remove any shed hair. Due to the slip, the African Pride Detangle & Condition Pre-Poo  has no issues gliding through any snags and knots. 

2. Sectioning

I never start a wash day without sectioning my hair and when I haven't, I’ve regretted it. Once I have applied my pre-poo and let it sit in my hair for 10 minutes as mentioned. My hair softens up enough to allow me to manipulate it into 4 sections.

I keep my hair in 4 sections throughout wash day from pre-poo, shampoo, deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner. I re-secure my sections with grips or twist them up if any come loose during the process.

3. Deep Condition

I know that wash day can be such a chore, but you must deep condition, it is truly one of the steps that you shouldn’t miss.

Apply a liberal amount of your conditioner and keep it in for the recommended time. Sometimes this is 5 minutes or 45 minutes depending on the deep conditioner you are using.

When I am in a rush I tend to reach for my 5 minute deep conditioners such as the Kinky Tresses Avocado Infusion Restorative Conditioner 8 oz and when I want to give my hair a deeper treatment I reach for the Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Penetrating Hair Treatment 240 ml.

4. Wet Hair

A key to tangle prevention is not allowing your wet hair to dry without your placing it in twists, banded sections or Bantu knots.

Low porosity hair-  Allow your hair to get damp before adding your base leave-in conditioner or cream.

High porosity- Apply your leave-in conditioner in the shower or on soaking wet hair.

Not allowing your hair to sit without product or in any form of twist will save your strands from knots and tangles.

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