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5 Little-Known Things You Shouldn't Do To Your 4C Natural Hair

5 Little-Known Things You Shouldn't Do To Your 4C Natural Hair

4C hair is a very unique hair texture. It doesn't follow the natural hair rules and it plays by its own. These are 5 little know things that you shouldn't be doing to your 4c hair that could be causing breakage, dryness and failed hairstyles.

Rinsing your hair with cool water

This one has been debunked, but just in case you missed it.

Rinsing your air with cooler water may not be the answer for your dry 4c hair.

Rinsing your hair with water that is on the warmer side and not piping hot can be beneficial to your hair by being more moisturising and leaving you with hydrated hair that is softer. This is due to the lower surface tension of the water that makes it easier to penetrate your hair.


Not all product were designed for you

I’m sure you've used some products that many of your favourite Youtubers and even friends swear by.

But when you come to use them they just simply do not work for your 4c hair. That is because they were not designed for your hair in mind.

Some products never penetrate leaving your hair feeling drier than before, or can cause a tremendous amount of build-up and that could result in extreme dryness leading to breakage.

Oils may not be necessary

If you use oils on your 4c hair and achieve amazing results, then we will always recommend that you continue doing what works.

However, due to the low porosity of 4c hair, some may naturals find oiling their hair less than helpful.

Oiling your hair could lead to it feeling stiff and rough to the touch. When your hair's porosity is so low, you may find that the oil is not even able to penetrate your strands and can barely bind to it.

Can I use my deep conditioner as a leave-in conditioner?

The immediate answer to that question is no! Unfortunately, doing this could cause significant long-term harm to your hair.

This is because deep conditioners are formulated for you to rinse them out after the specified time on the manufacturer's bottle.

It is never recommended to leave them in, always thoroughly rinse your product out at each stage and only apply products for their intended use i.e use a specified ‘leave in conditioner’ product for your hair.

Style your hair when dry

This may be controversial for some people, as the gold standard is to apply products to soaking wet hair.

This is even advised by the manufacturers too. However, if you have been having issues of not getting the intended hairstyles or moisture levels for your 4c hair. Then try styling on dry hair instead.

Applying your products on wet hair may cause damage due to the prolonged time your hair can be wet, though this may occur in extreme cases. All the same, we know that high levels of water significantly increase shrinkage. Our favourite 4c Youtuber Starpuppy always styles her hair on dry and stretched hair with amazing results.

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