Alone But Not Lonely- 10 Loveable Things Singles Can Do This Valentine's Day

Let's face it, it’s 2021. In an Era of TikToc, Snapchat, Instagram and just everything social media. We are constantly being bombarded with memes and threads about how we should be treated on Valentines…It can sometimes seem like it is less about showing affection and more about stunting for the gram. 

But what if we could change this narrative? What if we worried less about what we were being offered and more about what we are offering ourselves?

Whether you are single by choice, single-ish or you are just not a Valentine’s Day person. Here are 10 ways you can successfully have fun on Valentines by yourself without allowing society to make you feel less than.

1. Find Your Love Language and TREAT Yourself!

For me, this is possibly the best form of self-love. I would urge everyone to take a love language quiz so that you can express those on yourself.

If it’s receiving gifts, then you can order yourself that sexy dress or nice perfume you always wanted… (ladies we do not always have to wait for men to gift us stuff) plus it an excuse to do some more online shopping without feeling guilty

2. Indoor Picnic

You can have an indoor picnic. you make yourself your favourite sandwich or bagels, get a bunch of snacks, your favourite wine, some good music and you are good to go!

3. SPA Date

Alone But Not Lonely- 10 Loveable Things To Do This Valentine's Day

What better way to spend valentines than to do a SPA… run yourself a nice bath with your favourite bath bombs… (check out our website for some nice bath bombs and flower soaps…you can thank me later!!!) you can read your favourite novel whilst in there, put on your sexiest underwear and once again appreciate your BODY!

4. Movie Night

Get a projector… find your favourite romance movie, chick flick… you name it and just binge watch for the night. I recently finished Girlfriends on Netflix, I would absolutely recommend plus there are about 7 seasons of it so you definitely won’t be running out.

5. Baking

Alone But Not Lonely- 10 Loveable Things To Do This Valentine's Day

What better way to distract yourself from all the valentine’s madness than to bake yourself a sweet treat. It is also a form of self-expression and communication, so get stuck in!

6. Treat Other People

All the previous posts have been about focusing on yourself as an individual, but I believe a great way of self-expression and self-fulfilment is also greatly rooted in how we care for others around you.

So maybe dedicate this valentine to sending your mum a little gift… call and check up on your friends see how they are holding up, do something selfless, after all, we are in the middle of a pandemic. You will be surprised by how many lives you’ll touch.

7. Games

You can do this alone or with friends… you could play games online or you could skype each other and play board game. If you live with family members then you could absolutely play family games together.

8. Karaoke (whoohoo)

Alone But Not Lonely- 10 Loveable Things To Do This Valentine's Day

I absolutely love singing (though I will admit I’m quite terrible at it) but who cares, this is even better if you are on your own because you don’t have to feel embarrassed or be worried that anybody else is listening. Queue your favourite music and sing your heart out. We only live once!

9. Yoga

You could take this time to meditate, do a little yoga, listen to a podcast and really connect with who you are and really appreciate the woman that you are becoming and be proud of every single achievement that you have accomplished. Be happy, be positive… you deserve the BEST!

10. Tidy Your Space

Alone But Not Lonely- 10 Loveable Things To Do This Valentine's Day

For me personally, I always feel much better when I tidy my space and it is clean. My mood and my spirit is instantly lifted, and it is the best feeling ever. So, I encourage all my ladies this valentine to do a spring clean (even though it is still snowing) And trust me, you will feel much better.


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