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You might be thinking that the Style Factor Strong Hold Edge Pomade is just another edge control. I almost felt the same way and wondered why it was so hyped on youtube. 

Every 2 weeks I spend the say washing and braiding my boyfriends hair. Today I decided to reach for the pomade because his hair is very course and gets frizzy quickly. The results were astonishing.

I was generally taken back by its performance. His hair so laid to the gods and it lasted a whole week. That is significant considering that he doesn't even set his hair with a scarf at night.

In conclusion, it is not called Strong Hold for no reason. The smell is absolutely amazing. 

Benefits of the Style Factor Strong Hold Edge Pomade 

  • The key benefit of the Style factor Edge Pomade is that it is water based. This simply means that wash day won't be a chore and it will rinse with water. 
  • It provides so much shine
  • Keep your edge and braids at bay because it lasts

Pro Tip: It is a fantastic edge control but a little goes such a long way. If you get over excited like I did it can slightly turn white due to build up. 


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