5 Incredibly Moisturising Hair Refresher Sprays That You Need Try

Refresher sprays have become my favourite natural hair product for when my hair gets REALLY dry mid-week. I suffer from extremely dry natural hair and refresher spray's have become a major game-changer for me.

I discovered Refresher sprays with the Camille Rose Lavender Refresher spray. I have since become obsessed with finding more favourites- especially when the lavender spray fly’s off our site in an instant.

Over the last few months, I have tried the following sprays, and these have also become favourites.

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Camille Rose Lavender Refresher Spray

It is not a secret that the lavender refresher spray has become a staple for me. It provides me with so some much moisture that lasts for days. The ingredients are 10/10 even with Glycerin being listed further down the ingredients. This is note worthy as products with Glycerin in the top 3 ingredients usually dry out my hair.

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Uncle Funkys Defunk Refresher Spray

This refresher spray is amazing for those that love to exercise. As it works amazing as a post workout refresher. It eliminates sweat and funky smells whilst re-moisturising and nourishing my hair. The ingredients also sooth an itchy scalp.


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Camille Rose Coconut Leave In Spray

I used this as a refresher spray for a long time, but it doubles as a leave in spray too. Which is why it is a lot thicker than its counter refresher sprays but thinner than a usual leave in.

I would say that the spray nozzle needs work as it can be really difficult to get products out once it gets to the bottom. Despite this, it is perfect for really dry hair that needs moisture and it smells lush.


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As I Am JBCO Water Spray

This spray is for those that love spraying their hair with just water, but this has so many added benefits. Firstly, the bottle is huge, and you get so much for your money. The ingredients include JBCO, Vitamin E and C. You cannot go wrong this this refresher spray.

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Cantu Refresh Apple Cider Vinegar Co-Wash 

This Cowash has been a game changer for those weeks when you don’t have the time to wash your hair. Or when my scalp is really itchy, and I need a good scalp refresh. It includes tea tree, shea butter and apple cider vinegar.

I use it on my scalp only but works amazing for straight hair styles.

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