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Hooded Dryer Vs Steamer - Which One Do You Really Need

Hooded Dryer Vs Hair Steamer - Which One Do You Really Need

You may have just started your natural hair care journey and are wondering what to get? You probably would like to set up your deep conditioning game. But picking between a hooded hair dryer and a hair steamer can be a difficult decision. Find out what's best for you and your natural hair.

You may have just started your hair care journey and are wondering what to get? Or you’ve been natural for a long time and would like to set up your deep conditioning game.

This post may slightly be biased because I own a hooded hair dryer over a steamer. Despite this, I hope the information here helps you make an informed buying decision. It is important to note that If I had the money and space, I’d love to own both! I live in a one-bedroom flat with limited space so it can get very cumbersome.

Hooded Hairdryer

I love the Babyliss Hooded hairdryer. I recently upgraded to the more study salon one which slightly takes up more legroom but is very powerful and an improvement on their older model.

Hooded Dryer Vs Steamer - Which One Do You Really Need- AQ Online


  • Low maintenance
  • Quicker drying time
  • Stretch your Wash and Go curls and coils
  • Create Salon results at home
  • Multi use tool for both drying and styling hair
  • Can be used for heat treatments

The UK can be pretty wet with constant rain, that is why I knew that I wanted a hooded dryer to speed up my wash and go drying times. I couldn’t wait forever and a day to get a dry twist out or wash and go. Now I get my hair dry in under one hour under the dryer and never have any 'oops' moments when I take down my twist out and it's still wet.

Hair Steamer

A hair steamer is a great option also. It provides intense treatment for your deep conditioners. It can take your deep conditioning regime from 0 to 100. One of our favourite YouTubers NICKYBNATURAL swears by her hair steamer.

Table Top Hair Steamer- AQ Online


  • Boosts your deep conditioning game
  • Amazing for low porosity hair
  • Helps ingredients penetrate deeper into your strands
  • Can be used for facial treatments
  • Creates a relaxing and invigorating atmosphere

Things to consider about your steamer

It is recommended that you steam your hair every 2 weeks due to how intense the treatments can be. Some people have reported scalp and body burns from using their steamer. This can be a hazard if you have children around and would like to prevent any accidents from occurring.

Another consideration is that the steamer requires some maintenance. You must ensure that you only use bottled or filtered water and monitor it for any bacteria growth.

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