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Level Up Your Wash and Go's - Define & Smooth Your Hair Textures

Level Up Your Wash and Go's - Define & Smooth Multiple Natural Hair Textures

Are you struggling with multiple natural hair textures? You could have a mix of type 4 and type 3 hair that is prone to frizz or matting. This can be challenging for styling and getting the most defined wash and go or twist out. Get great tips to style your natural hair textures for your most defined wash and go yet.
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Some people have the struggle of having more than one curl pattern. This can happen in a manner of variations. You could have Type 2 and Type 3 or Type 3 and Type 4.

Usually, the tightest curl patterns love heavier styling products, whereas the looser curls love lighter styling products. I have tight type 4 hair at the back and a looser wavish pattern at the front. I find that most products I use work just fine.

I used the MICHE Leave In Spray and their Defining Gel for this wash and go and it was so slippery and soft!

1. How I manage my type 4B hair type 4A & 3C

For me, the biggest issue with several different textures is detangling and definition. My type 4 hair is less dry than my wavish pattern at the front which is prone to much more frizz and requires a different technique.

To contour this, I usually spend more time detangling my waiver curl pattern and will often add more deep conditioner to it to reduce the appearance of frizz. When it comes to styling, I always apply more gel to the waiver part of my hair as it frizzes very easily and cannot hold its curly pattern for many days.

You may not have the same issue as mine, but play around with different levels of product amount and see what your different textures prefer. Can you get away with only adding a little bit of gel/ mousse to one section and add more leave-in or cream to another?

2. Amazing Styling Tips For Multiple Hair Textures

  • Work in sections and create sub-section.
  • Use a styler that will work for all your hair textures. Or you could use a different styler to particular sections although that could increase your wash day.
  • Your technique for each hair type will be key. On some sections, you will need to rake the product and smooth for it to get defined.

How to Define & Smooth Multiple Natural Hair Textures- AQ Online

  • Some sections may be drier or more prone to matting, in this case, you could add more leave-in conditioner and use a Tangle Teezer to reduce matting at the roots.
  • Shingling can also be helpful for frizz reduction as it allows you to define each curl or coil .
  • Another great technique is massaging the leave-in conditioner or cream into your hair to help it penetrate or coat the hair.
  • Warming up your products in your hands can also help with coating and penetrating especially if your hair is low in porosity

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