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MICHE Beauty Review| Defining Cream Vs Defining Gel- Which Is Better?- AQ Online

MICHE Beauty Review| Cream Vs Gel- Which Is Better?

MICHE Beauty Curl Defining Bounce Cream



MICHE Beauty is one of my favourite brands, their products are handmade, efficient and very hydrating. It was only fair that I tried some of their new stylers. After all, I do love my wash and go’s and the product junkie in me would not allow me to sit these products out. 

Wash Day Products

Shampoo- The Mane Choice Minty Guava & Kiwi Shampoo 8 oz

The Mane Choice Minty Guava & Kiwi Shampoo 8 oz- AQ Online
I started wash day with cleansed hair using The Mane Choice Kiwi Shampoo. I went in with two rinses to ensure that my hair was thoroughly cleansed.

Deep Conditioner- MICHE Beauty Strengthen Protein and Moisture Deep Conditioner 

MICHE Beauty Strengthen Protein and Moisture Deep Conditioner - AQ Online

 I then deep conditioned the with MICHE Beauty Strengthen Deep Conditioner. I left it in for 15 minutes whilst I took the rest of my shower. I love the deep conditioner because it is very moisturising and gives me a little bit of protein without overdoing it.

Leave-In Conditioner- MICHE Beauty Boost Refresher and Leave In Spray  

MICHE Beauty Boost Hydrating Curl Refresher and Leave In Spray 8 oz

 I used the MICHE Beauty Boost Refresher and Leave In Spray as my base. It is super lightweight and has a thin milky consistency. It is supposed to be a refresher leave-in but I think it leans in with the As I Am JBCO Water with Ceramide and Vitamin C & E  or the Keracare Curlessence CoCo Water  It didn’t provide my hair with the amount of moisture I personally contend with. I love thicker and creamer leaves in such as the MICHE Beauty Lavish Leave-In Conditioner or Camille Rose Naturals Lavender Whipped Leave In Moisturising Cream.This is perfect for hair types that like a thinner consistency for absorption and not to weigh the hair down. 

MICHE Beauty Sculpt Curl Defining Gel 

MICHE Beauty Sculpt Curl Defining Gel - AQ Online

The sculpting gel is more of a custard, it is very slippery and glumpy in texture which is what I like to see for a gel my tight curls love this consistency. Despite the viscosity, the consistency is very lightweight upon application. I used the praying hand’s methods and shingling to get my curls sculpted and defined. The hold of this gel is also light to medium it is no Ecoslay Jello Shot Firm Hold Okra & Aloe Vera Styling Gel but similar to the Kinky-Curly Curling Custard Styling Gel . My curls were shiny, bouncy and very moisturised. 

MICHE Beauty Sculpt Curl Defining Gel

My definition lasted 4-5 days though sadly I did get some flakes due to being heavy-handed. These were not visible on my curls but would appear on my black T-shirt when I stretched my hair. MICHE Beauty does have a disclaimer for excess flakes if used with creams or butters. Therefore, I would recommend this product be used on soaking wet hair and preferably in the shower to get maximum definition and minimal flakes.

This is a great gel for new naturals, it will define the hair and leave your curls bouncy and soft. A phenomenon that I could never achieve as a new natural.

MICHE Beauty Bounce Curl Defining Cream 

I used the other half of my head for the defining cream deciding to do a cream only wash and go. This was the first time I had done one of these. The MICHE Beauty Bounce Curl Defining Cream is very unique, it is very silky and creamy in texture and colour. It is medium density and will run when titled upside down. One of my first scoops was very gooey and slippery. I could tell that the main ingredients were flaxseeds, marshmallow root and slippery elm.

Upon application, it gave my 4b curls a lightweight hold. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried and thought that my hair would send up a frizzy fuzz ball once it dried. To my surprise, it defined my hair very well. The back of my hair has a  tighter curl pattern and the cream had no issues. In contrast, the front of my hair is wavier and due to the light hold, the MICHE Defining cream struggled. Despite this, the overall results were very impressive. My hair was also moisturised bouncy and had a natural shine. This cream wash and go lasted 2-3 days.

The Verdict 

Both sides of my hair looked fabulous, shiny and bouncy. I did prefer the gel side as it sculpted my curls more whereas the cream gave me a light hold. The results looked similar to what I achieve from a twist out. The cream and the gel are amazing, but if I could only choose one, I’d go with the Gel. Still, the cream is so versatile, you could use it for your wash and go and braid outs, twist outs etc.

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