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Why your natural hair stays dry & dull. How to moisturise effectively- AQ Online

Why your natural hair stays dry & dull. How to moisturise effectively.

Sick of doing the LCO or LCO Method and still having dull, dry and brittle natural hair? We may have the answer for you. Switch over to botanical ingredients or film-forming humectants to keep your kinky hair, coily or curly moisturised for longer. Save time and prevent product build-up.
Kinky Tresses Review-Best Type 4 Natural Hair Products? Vous lisez Why your natural hair stays dry & dull. How to moisturise effectively. 3 minutes Suivant 30 Day Hair Detox Product Recommendations

For many naturals, the LOC nor the LCO method isn’t effective. You might find that your hair still feels dry and looks dull after a few days. As well as you having to repeat the process several times in one week. Thereby contributing to product build-up and being time-consuming. If you are concerned about build-up discover our clarifying shampoos. 

The original LOC and LCO method required the following steps to seal in moisture.

LOC VS LCO method for dry and dull natural hair - AQ Online


    How do humectants work for curly afro hair?

    Why your natural hair is always dry

    Humectants are great for moisture retention and to extend your wash day hair. Our favourite humectants are those that create a film onto the hair.

    These film-forming ingredients create a flexible and soluble film over the hair. Said film attracts water to the hair and holds existing water within the hair. This process can be great for preventing dry and dehydrated hair.

    For example, in a humid climate this will attract water to your hair. In a dry climate, it will prevent water from leaving the hair quickly.

    Why humectants like Glycerin make hair dry and frizzy

    A key downside although not exclusive to Glycerin and Sorbitol is that they can work against you in dry climates by drawing water out of the hair. Some naturals also find that Glycerin in styling products tend to leave the hair very dry and frizzy.

    Whereas the ingredients listed below work well in dry climates by releasing existing water gradually. This process slows down the process of water loss and thus dry hair. Discover our glycerin-free hair care products.

    Ingredients that contain film-forming humectants for hair

    Plant-based Gels

    Kinky Curly Curling Custard 8 oz

    Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker Curling Jelly 

    Ecoslay Jello Shot Firm Hold Okra & Aloe Vera Styling Gel 

    Uncle Funky's Daughter Curly Magic Curly Stimulator

    A key benefit of plant-based gels is that they’re very lightweight and tend not to build upon the hair.

    How to use

    This method works well for all hair types, including straight, coily and curly hair. They can be used in products such as gels, deep conditioners, rinse out conditioners etc.

    It is up to you how you incorporate this method into your hair routine. For a wash and go, you could apply your leave-in conditioner or cream (always ensure that water is the first ingredient) and follow with a botanical gel.


    For High Porosity Hair

    Apply your plant-based products in the shower on soaking wet hair then follow with your plant-based gel for a wash and go or twist outs.

    For Low Porosity Hair

    Apply your plant-based products on damp hair and apply heat or cover with a heat cap for deep conditioners and leave-ins. For a wash and go, apply your plant-based gel in the shower or on damp hair per usual.

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