“Be the change you want to see" 

AQ Online was built on that quote. We wanted to become better versions of ourselves and create the change we wanted to see. So we took action and started our store.

These are the changes we wanted to see:

  1. We wanted to see Afro & Caribbean women embracing their natural hair - We took action and created the tools for them to do so
  2. We wanted to create a platform for women to embrace their natural beauty using our products, so we created an extensive collection to suit everyone

We created a varied collection because different things bring confidence and joy:

    • We understand that happiness comes from within, but sometimes having a hair product that works for you and doesn’t dry your hair out can bring so much joy
    • Or finding the right pair of sunglasses can bing confidence
    • Using the right bath bombs and oils can make you feel sexy and give you that personal time to discover your body
    Happiness is within but having the right product for your needs can bring joy.

    We hope you join our self growth and confidence journey... 


    The Legal Bit

    Company Name: AQ Online 

    Email Address: care@aqonline.co.uk

    Registered in England and Wales

    Company UTR number: 2681648181