5 Unbelievable Shampoos for Kinky and Curly Hair

Getting the right shampoo for our hair can be life-changing. That is why we have made this quick list to showcase some of the amazing shampoo's that are not drying for kinky and curly hair. Read now for more.

Top 5 Deep Conditioners with Slip For Curly and Type 4 Hair

Deep conditioning is important especially if you have dry 4c hair. If you want shiny and defined curls then deep conditioning is vital. It helps you prevent breakage, dry and brittle strands. Here are some conditioners with lots of slip to help you detangle and get the most of your wash day. Read now for more.

Top 10 Best Leave In Conditioners With Slip For Type 4 Curly and Kinky Hair

Getting the right leave-in conditioner with slip can make or break your healthy hair regime. Every step of your routine must provide you with the right amount of moisture in order for you to prevent breakage and get the right protein balance. We have a complete list of the 10 best conditioners for thick course type 4 hair. Read Now at AQ Online.