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Important Things I Learnt In My Twenties- AQ Online

Important Things I Learnt In My Twenties

Being twenty something can be really hard. You are changing and growing into your final form. There is going to be lot of learning on the way. I've already learnt the hard way so I'm sharing my experience being twenty something to you.

Turn Your Notifications Off

I learnt to slowly value my time. By turning my notifications off it allowed me to focus on what I was doing and to live in the moment. Social media is designed to grab your attention and keep you on their platforms. During this particular time in my twenties, I had university exams. So I couldn’t afford distractions or attention-grabbing notifications from any apps on my phone. Being less available on my phone was the key to productivity.

Value Your Time

I now value my time, away from my family and partner. I have come to realise that I need some space to spend with myself. It’s so easy to constantly find yourself around others. During my time alone, I spend time reading, discovering or practising some self-care.

How Are You Being Treated?

This is a rhetorical question. I ask myself this question regularly. I only want to surround myself with positive, kind and good energy individuals. I no longer have the time to entertain friends or family that always need something from me for our relationship to work.

Break-ups Are Going To Get Hard

I have found that break-up either with friends or previous romantic relationships gets harder to handle. People start changing and moving and you may notice your circle getting smaller and smaller. This is okay, but it can be really hard to let go.

Most of Your Friendships Are Superficial.

I learnt that my friends were superficial and I realised that this wasn’t a bad thing. It helped me understand boundaries. Just because you get on with a colleague or classmate doesn’t mean you are friends. These relationships are referred to as acquaintances. I sure did learn the hard way. Now I understand that I can have friends at work, friends at the gym, friends I see on the train. But these friendships rarely transcend this.

Get Your Driving License

In my first university lecturer, my tutor told the class to get a license. He explained that it could be the defining factor of you not getting your dream job (I studied Real Estate). Even if you love commuting like I used to, it’s just nice to have and you never know when you need it. I believe this still applies for city folks too. The best time to learn is when you have time and student money.


I learnt the art of saving when I was young and I’m so glad I did. You just never know when you may need a new phone, bed or laptop. Savings give you a lifeline. Even if it’s just £100 that you have. I managed to save all of my university maintenance money and picked up a part-time job to support myself.

When I Get Older

I spent most of my childhood fantasising about being 18 or 21. When I got to those ages, I suddenly wished I was 16 again. I have learnt to appreciate each stage of your life. Don’t wish to be 30 because you think that is when you'll be successful. Enjoy being twenty-something and young with no real responsibility.

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