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MICHE Beauty Product Review: A Comprehensive Guide For Your Natural Hair- AQ Online

MICHE Beauty Product Review: A Comprehensive Guide For Your Natural Hair

Miche Beauty is a premium handmade hair care brand that makes clean, simple, and effective products for all textures of naturally curly hair. I created this blog as a comprehensive guide to their best-selling hair care products and why they’re so good.

MICHE Beauty Moisturising & Cleansing Shampoo 8 oz

The MICHE Beauty cleansed shampoo is specifically designed to gently, deeply cleanse hair. It is the sulfate-free shampoo to avoid over-washing hair. Instead, it cleanses without stripping hair of its natural oils. Making it an essential product for those who use heavy, oil-based twisting creams or other similar products that can lead to buildup.

 In my experience, I found it to be clarifying without stripping my natural oils. Both my hair and scalp felt clean. Which is excellent for promoting hair growth and reducing dandruff and flakes. I also noticed that my hair texture more clearly, with my curls appearing tight and defined, almost as if I had applied a clay mask. 

I highly recommend this product to heavy oil users or those who prefer protective styling and go up to two weeks without washing their hair. 

Key Ingredients
  • Made with wholesome ingredients such as Hibiscus, White Willow, Ginseng Root

MICHE Beauty Indulge Deep Conditioner 8 oz

The MICHE Indulge deep conditioner is perfect for anyone with dry, dull, or damaged hair who is looking for a pick-me-up.

Indulge is one of my favourite deep conditioners because it is incredibly moisturizing and provides my hair with the necessary nutrients to improve hair health and prevent breakage.

Every time I use it, my hair becomes more manageable and easier to style. It helps to untangle knots and tangles without any issues, reducing breakage and improving my hair health. After use, my hair is easy to manipulate, and I tend to notice less frizz when styling.

Key Ingredients

MICHE Beauty Strengthen Protein & Moisture Deep Conditioner

The MICHE Beauty Protein Deep Conditioner provides a light amount of protein to the hair, which helps to repair damaged or weakened hair. While also providing moisture and slip to aid in maintaining overall hair health. It is perfect for those with natural hair who want to balance moisture and protein or for those with coloured hair.

As a lazy natural, I use it to maintain the health of my hair without too much fuss. Like the MICHE Beauty Indulge deep conditioner, it is packed with moisture and slip, but due to the protein content, it also helps to strengthen any damaged strands from breakage. This leaves my hair bouncy, soft, and elastic.

The conditioner provides great moisture and even some slip. It smells divine and is always in my arsenal.

Key Ingredients

MICHE Beauty Lavish Leave-In Conditioner 8 oz

The MICHE Lavish leave-in conditioner offers numerous benefits - it adds hydration and moisture and provides a great base for heat styling. As a leave-in conditioner, it improves hair manageability, reduces breakage, and minimizes frizz when styling.

I find the MICHE Leave-in conditioner to be an excellent base for my wash-and-go's, especially when using strong hold gels like Ecoslay Gello Shot. It also provides some thermal protection, making it surprisingly effective for blow drying.

Key Ingredients

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