Does the Avlon Texture Release Work- AQ Online


I recently decided to try the Avlon Texture Release line on wash day spontaneously when I realised that I simply wanted a small break from my natural hair. 

This blog is just a quick overview of the Texture Release shampoo and conditioner. The line does have a full kit that is offered in salons only thus, I only had the basic shampoo and conditioner. I'm saying that to say, this isn't going to be the full picture of what the texture release can potentially do. 

The Avlon Texture Release Shampoo

I loved the way this shampoo smelt. Probably because of the hibiscus extract in it. The consistently of the shampoo was lightweight but lathered beautifully and a little goes a long way. I shampooed twice to make sure that my hair was clarified. This didn't leave my hair feeling like straw but I will add that I pre-pooed with the African Pride Pre-Poo and added some oil to it.

Overall, I am impressed with the shampoo. I can see it working well for relaxed hair and natural girls.

Does the Avlon Texture Release Work- AQ Online

The Avlon Texture Release Conditioner 

After a nice experience with the shampoo, I was slightly disappointed with the conditioner. I went in expecting it to act as my natural hair conditioners do and simply put it doesn't. The consistency was chalk like and came out like a paste. It didn't add much slip to my hair which was difficult because my hair needed a boost of moisture after the shampoo.

Despite the chalky appearance, it applied quick thin. I noticed that my hair had no curl definition demonstrating to me that it did the job. Like with all my conditioners, I sat under my hooded dryer for 20 minutes per the instructions. I noticed that it had absorbed into my hair and that my hair felt stronger due to the protein and I didn't have as much breakage when I was combing through it.

The verdict is that I think it did its job. Just like the shampoo, this line is perfect for relaxed hair and natural hair.

Avlon- Keracare Texture Release Scalp Rejuvenating & Moisturising Conditioner 8 oz- AQ Online

 The Final Results 

I used the Keracare Thermal Wonder as my heat protectant. Below are the results. Please excuse the split ends.  

Overall, I really enjoyed the Texture Release shampoo and conditioner. It did provide me with less curl definition which helped the blow drying and straightening process.

Normally, I really struggle with doing a blow out but my hair took it well. I will add an update once I wash my hair and will note how my hair reverted back to its kinks. 

Does the Avlon Texture Release Work- AQ Online


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