Extraordinary Straight Hair Natural Tips for Health & Length Retention

There is a trend on the horizon. Some may argue that straight hair naturals have existed since the beginning. Increasing, I’m seeing some of my favourite Youtubers becoming straight hair naturals for various reasons such as wanting a break from their natural hair or simply wanting to enjoy their length.

I’m going to look into the world of the straight hair naturals and observe how they manage their haircare routines for those of you that are wanting to try it out.

One of the most popular founding fathers of the straight hair naturals was Aaliyah her hair always looked healthy and full. Some speculate that she straightened her hair every 10 days and may have worn some hair extensions. Nonetheless, she is an excellent example:

Extraordinary Straight Hair Natural Tips for Health & Length Retention!

Many naturals are reporting that they’re maintaining healthy and long hair despite the continuous heat styling.

Here are some tips

  • Trim regularly and dust the ends at every flat iron
  • Regular protein treatments and deep conditioning
  • Using ceramic hair straighteners
  • Limiting the number of passes where possible
  • Limiting the use of brushes and combs and finger combing where possible
  • Wrapping the hair every night to preserve the silk look
  • Moisture is KEY! But the secret is to find moisturisers that don’t revert the hair back
  • Finding yourself a good heat protectant
  • Considering the use of different set of products for your straight hair routine.
Extraordinary Straight Hair Natural Tips for Health & Length Retention!

Photo Credit: simplysubrena

The Verdict

 Length retention can be achieved with straightened natural hair. This is not without its risks though. Consistent heat training will loosen your hair texture over time.  Thus, if you wish to return natural, you may have to transition back. 

You’re probably wondering what the key benefit of being a straight hair natural is. Well for many, it is that it offers a fuller and healthier style that relaxers cannot.

In conclusion, you may notice better length retention with straightened hair and may see less breakage. However, straight hair still requires maintenance in its own right and can become brittle if not cared for.

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