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Being a student is an amazing time of your life. As much as I used to roll my eyes when people told me that only a year ago, I must agree. As I can see why coming out at the other end. The best thing about student life for me was the opportunity to save money.

Most companies out there offer amazing student discounts. Because let’s face it, a big part of student life is spending cash and they know it.
That’s why I’m going to lay out some of the best places to get discounts and save that dough.

Uniday Days

Every student should know and be signed up-to Unidays now. It is the hub station for discounts from several different retailers. You can get discounts on clothes, electronics and homeware and our personal favourite McDonalds. With the Unidays discount, you can get a FREE Mcflurry or cheeseburger when you order a meal. Most importantly, Unidays is a free service for students!

Student Beans

The second student hub station is SB. It is another free site that offers amazing discounts. This one stands out for their KFC Student discount. You can get a FREE Snackbox or Krushem when you spend over £3! I mean, that is a deal-breaker.


You might be thinking about getting a new laptop or iPad for university. The first place you may look is Apple. As they offer Beats headphones for student purchases. However, the best thing I did as a student was purchasing my MacBook Pro and iPad Pro from CEX.

Yes, its second hand but they have a three-tier system. I went with the A condition which was mostly pristine and still had the Apple warranty. Best of all, CEX offers a 24-month warranty on all their electronics. If for some reason your new computer stops working. You get your money back if it’s within 6 months or a credit note if more up-to 24 months. Which is just fantastic. I highly recommend you buy your gadgets online, so you get a little more protection.
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