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How to Maintain Length With Low Manipulation Head-wraps for Type 4 Hair | AQ Online

How to Maintain Length With Low Manipulation Head-wraps for Type 4 Hair

Sometime you and your hair fall out and no matter what you do your wash and go's and twists outs just fail. After being natural for 6 years I have now mastered the art of head-wrapping. Maybe you are going through a love and hate relationship with your hair as well. Read the blog to learn now at AQ Online.
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When Nothing Else Works For Your Natural Hair Head-Wrap It!

I have been natural for almost for over 6 years. Honestly, I still don't really know what I'm doing with my hair. I have tried it all:

  • Bantu Knots,
  • Wash and Go's
  • Twist outs
  • Everything under the sun.
I have spent countless time and money trying to achieve styles that just seen beyond my reach. Never-mind the breakage and stress, I put my hair under.

After 6 years of trial and error but mostly error and giving up. I have now discovered the head-wrap hack.These days I just throw my hair back in a bun and just leave it. I have accepted my shortcomings and I'm moving on. After contemplating numerous big chops and relaxers.

I have thrown out all the wash and go tutorials I learnt on Youtube. Of course, they were informative and fun to watch. But I have realised that every person's hair truly behaves differently and you cannot find the secret formula. You have to experiment and learn your own hair.

Struggling With Your Hair? Head-Wrap It The Right Way For Low Manipulation

Here is my new routine
  • Right now my hair likes being washed every 2 weeks then weekly. She likes it when I just leave her to it.
  • Under my head-wrap I keep my hair stretched using the banding method. She must be stretched unless I want drama on wash day.
  • I wear head-wraps when I'm out & whilst I'm at home. I always have a silk scarf on and sleep with a satin pillowcase for extra protection. And she's loving it.

If you are a natural like me and have lost hope. Join me on a head wrap journey whilst we retain length and think about what to do with our hair next. PS I might take time to do complicated head-wraps but start at your own pace🙌🏿

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